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Baita Pavò


Set in the uncontaminated green of the forests of Montelungo and Montepiano and immersed in the luxuriant nature of Molise at an altitude of 750 m a.s.l., the Baitapavò  is a fully accessible and environmentally friendly dwelling built as if it were the natural extension of the hills that host it, a natural terrace that, thanks to its splendid windows and its essential and at the same timepreciousinteriors, gives those who stay there an immersive experience in a blinding territory of lights and colors.
The rustle of the wind among the trees and the chirping of birds will be the unique sounds to envelop guests who will stay in beautiful rooms equipped with all comforts and will taste the delicacies of authentic and genuine foods that are still unknown.
Numerous services are offered, starting with unforgettable walks and mountain bike rides along the many paths and sheep tracks that skirt the hut up to surprising food and wine tours.
Cultural salons, tastings and zero kilometer aperitifs offer authentic experiences, to live with the mind and the senses.
The olive harvest with the extraction of the Evo oil, the collection of spontaneous fruits and their transformation into preserves, the production of homemade cured meats, the preparation of local sweets, the educational farms, the crochet courses and ceramic and wood processing courses make Baitapavò a pleasant destination for Molise experiential tourism.